Audio-Visual Media

Living Water

LIVING WATER is an atmospheric journey into the clash between the state of Jordan, agricultural businesses and Wadi Rum indigenous communities over the last abundant source of drinking water.

The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting

A great talk by the famous Indian Anupam Mishra:

The Pure and The Poisoned

A film about the perception of water in India by the so called “Water Brothers” from USA, who are doing films about water issues worldwide:

Troubled Water

Award winning documentary by Govinda Nepal about the severe water crisis Kathmandu Valley in Nepal is facing:

¡O Comemos o Pagamos!

A film by Columbian researcher Marcela López about contested urban waterscapes in Medellin:

Water and sugar: to industrialise or to liberate the land?

This documentary shows in a mosaic narrative the situation around sugar cane, land and water use from different perspectives in the Cauca Valley of Colombia.

Daughters of the Niger Delta

‘Daughters of the Niger Delta’ tells a different story about the Niger Delta than the usual media reports about oil outputs, conflict, and kidnapping. The film gives a taste of everyday life in the region through the eyes of three ordinary women: