Past Events


SHG Activities at 50th IAH congress in Cape Town, South Africa 18-22 September 2023

Special Session IAH-SHG: The connectedness of groundwater and human systems

Annual General Meeting


“What´s new in Hydro?”

Online Seminar Series: The German Expert Group of Hydrogeology in the German Geological Society (Fachsektion Hydrogeologie in der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft) “FH-DGGV” and the German Chapter of the International Association of Hydrgeologists “IAH-D”  are conducting the online seminar series “What’s New in Hydro?”. Talk on 20 October 2022: “Groundwater and Society”: Dr. Theresa Frommen, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany  &  Fabian Hecht, Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action, Berlin, Germany. More info here or here.


Word Water Week 2022, Stockholm and online, 23 of August to 1 September

25th August: Talk by Viviana Re: “Socio-hydrogeology: uncovering the unseen connections between people and groundwater”, within the seminar programme “Valuing groundwater”. More information here:


EGU General Assembly 2022: IAH-SHG will host the session: ITS3.2/HS1.1.8 – Socio-Hydrogeology: a transdisciplinary approach to groundwater science. More information here!



First Meeting of the Working Group Gender & Diversity

Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 6-7 pm CEST via Zoom. Minutes will be shared soon.


SHG Activities at 48th IAH congress in Brussels, Belgium, 6th-10th September 2021

Movie Screening: “Pani Check – The Sisterhood of Water”
The transdisciplinary cooperation between freelance filmmaker Katalin Ambrus and hydrogeologist Theresa Frommen from Freie Universität Berlin resulted in two films about a participatory and interdisciplinary hydrogeological project in India between 2016 and 2019.
Date: Monday, 6th September 2021, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, on-site
More information: here.

Special Session: Socio-Hydrogeology – How can hydrogeology be inspired from other disciplines/outside science?
Chair: Theresa Frommen (Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany), Viviana Re (University of Pisa, Italy)
Date: Tuesday, 7th September 2021, 9:15 am – 3:00 pm, on-site

AGM: Annual General Meeting of the Socio-Hydrogeology Network
Date: Thursday, 9th September 2021, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm, on-site

More information:


Talk at 1st International Conference on Sociohydrology, Delft, The Netherlands, 6th-8th September 2021

Title: Socio-Hydrogeology – Human-water perspectives from below the ground

Speaker: Theresa Frommen, Viviana Re

Date: Tuesday, 7th September 2021, 4:30 pm – 4:45 pm, on-site and online

More information:


Session at 47th IAH congress in São Paulo, Brazil, September 2020 (postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19 Pandemic)

Title: Groundwater: why gender matters!

Chair: Viviana Re (University of Pisa, Italy), Ana Maciel de Carvalho (Federal University of
Jequitinhonha and Mucuri Valleys, Brazil), Isabella de Castilho Barbosa (Campinas State University,
Brazil), Theresa Frommen (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany), Michela Miletto and Paola
Piccione (UNESCO World Water Assessment Program -WWAP)

More information:


Postponed IAH 2020 – “Groundwater: why gender matters” Webinar, February 2021

The full session is available here:

We highly recommend listening to the discussion starting at 1:30:30. Mansplaining at its best: “What I would suggest for the women […] just to step up”. We are currently writing a detailed commentary on this discussion which will (hopefully) be published soon.




Invited talk at IAH Irish chapter, Dublin, February 2020

Annual David Burdon Memorial Lecture

Title: The role of socio-hydrogeology for groundwater protection in developing countries

Authors: Vivana Re

More information:




Session at 1st GEOETH&GWM’20 in Porto, Portugal, May 2020 (online conference)

Title: Socio-Hydrogeology to support ethical groundwater management

Chair: Viviana Re

More information:


Talk at 27th FH-DGGV 2020 in Leipzig, Germany, March 2020 (canceled due to Covid-19 Pandemic)

Session: freie Themen (free topics)

Title: How does the social get into the hydrogeological? – A brief introduction to the new field of socio-hydrogeology

Authors: Theresa Frommen, Maike Gröschke, Viviana Re, Tobias Krüger

More information:


Talk at 36th IGC 2020 in Delhi, India, March 2020 (canceled due to Covid-19 Pandemic)

Session: Theme 1: Symposium 1.7 Geoethics: Ethical, Social and Cultural Aspects in Geosciences

Title: Socio-hydrogeology – Including social, ethical and cultural aspects into groundwater science

Authors: Theresa Frommen, Viviana Re, Shrikant Limaye

More information:


Launch of the new Network of Socio-Hydrogeology at IAH 2019

At the 46th IAH Congress in Málaga, Spain, we successfully launched the new IAH-Network of Socio-Hydrogeology (IAH-SHG) receiving great interest among the congress participants.







Movie premiere and lecture in May 2019 in Berlin

“Pani Check” & “Pani Doctors”

Water as an everyday challenge – A story of women empowerment in peri-urban slums in India. An interdisciplinary documentary project and an educational musical. The transdisciplinary cooperation between freelance filmmaker Katalin Ambrus and hydrogeologist Theresa Frommen from Freie Universität Berlin resulted in two films about a participatory and interdisciplinary hydrogeological project in India between 2016 and 2019. The project involved the development of a participatory groundwater management together with local women groups from low-income areas in close cooperation with the local organization Mahila Housing SEWA Trust.

On Tuesday, 28th of May 2019, the premiere of the films took place at the ACUD Kunsthaus in Berlin. After a welcome note by Prof. Dr. Michael Schneider (FU Berlin), Dr. Viviana Re from the University of Pisa gave a lecture on socio-hydrogeology, a topic she has been researching for years and which is becoming increasingly important within hydrogeology. Before the premiere started, a small panel discussion shed light on how film can serve as a bridge builder between science and society.



Session at IAH 2018

At the 45th IAH congress in Daejeon, South Korea, Viviana and Theresa chaired a session on “Socio-hydrogeology for groundwater development in low-income countries (IAH-BGID special session)”. With contributions from five countries around the world and a total of eight presentations we had a diverse set of case-studies and approaches. This small but intense session was a great opportunity for in-depth discussion about the new sub-discipline of Socio-Hydrogeology.